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We specialize in the development and production of special filter materials. Activated filter glass, filter glass, silica sand, antibacterial zeolite, activated zeolite, activated carbon, antracite, zeolite filter cleaner, zeolite activator, zeolite activation solution for treatment of drinking, waste, process and pool water and other applications. Invest more than 30% of profits in new technologies and knowledge to meet the current needs of our customers. We cooperate with research institutes, universities and quality experts. As a proof of seriousness and quality, the company started to introduce certification of the TUV quality system, ISO 9001.

All our materials are manufactured and delivered with quality and hygiene certificates in an accredited testing facility.
We own confidential trademarks, utility models, and patents that are expanded according to market requirements. We offer custom production in private packaging.

Our Specialization

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Company SURFACE SOLUTIONS s.r.o. is focused on the development and production of filter materials for various applications and requirements. Where is our materials. We believe that together we will find a solution for optimum water treatment.

Drinking water treatment

Drinking water is currently less and so new sources are being sought. The most common sources are surface, well and sea water. All these sources must be modified to comply with the standards specified.

Pool water treatment

Pool water treatment is an area that is different from drinking water treatment. The choice of filter media and the entire system is therefore specific to the commercial or private treatment of sweet and salt water.

Waste water treatment

Wastewater contains various contaminated elements in connection with application. We have all available special filter media to reduce environmental impact .

Gray water treatment

Gray water is currently being used more. Water is contaminated by detergents that are unsuitable for reuse or watering the garden without sufficient treatment. We offer a number of procedures for perfect cleaning.

Process water treatment

Process water must be treated according to specific requirements for subsequent production. Our team of experts will assist you in choosing the most appropriate materials and / or systems

Rainwater treatment

Rainwater is currently being used more. Although rainwater may seem to be the opposite, it is true. Water falls on the roof, which is contaminated with bird droppings, degradation itself, and last but not least, rainwater is acidic.

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Our Projects

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Select the appropriate link below for the filter media you want. Each product such as zeolite, modified zeolite and activated filter glass has its own website. If you are sure you can contact us, our team of experts will recommend the most appropriate product or solution.

Our quality

Our commitment

We are a certified company according to TUV ISO 9001 and all our products are distributed only with current certificates and certificates according to the requirements of the National Institute of Public Health Prague EU.

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